Subway Sleuth Game

Subway SleuthSubway Sleuth Game: Usually the places where there is the highest frequency are the places where the biggest crime happens. The city center, the train stations, the metro, are all places where we constantly go. But if we think about it, we are constantly expose to danger. Criminals choose these places to carry out their actions more easily, blending into the crowd of people who function daily in these places. In Subway Sleuth Game: Our detectives Olivia and John arrive at one of the worst subway stations in the city.

This station is known to be the heart of the parish and that a large number of robberies take place here every day. Long ago, they began to react that they do not feel safe here. And demand that something be done for their safety. So John and Olivia are here to put an end to what is happening at the station. And make this station a safe place for passengers. Let’s help them in the investigation and restore trust in the people. Subway Sleuth Game is exactly suitable for the mystery game lovers who want to play a game in their time. So enjoy and have fun.

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