Survive the Night Game

Survive the NightSurvive the Night Game: Driving at night can be more demanding sometimes. We are tired, the road is not that clear for seeing. It is harder to stop and repair the car if there is a car defect. Elizabeth and Steven were driving to the big city when their car broke down. They stopped in a small village, and now they are stuck at this point in their trip. It is late in the night, but they hope that they will find some kind of help in these late hours. However, very soon, Elizabeth and Steven realize that the village where they are stuck is actually full of ghosts.

They believe that there won’t be any help from the ghosts. So they have to find a way how to survive this strange night. Who knows what to expect from a village full of ghosts. How will they behave? Are they violent or maybe they will leave the two passengers to spend the night there until they find some help? Let’s see what happens there and try to help Elizabeth and Steven escape from this situation unharmed. Together maybe we can find a way how to deal with this unexpected meeting. You can play Survive the Night Game on all devices. So enjoy and have fun.

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Play Survive the Night Game

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