The Cooking Chief Game

The Cooking Chief The Cooking Chief. Mashing the right ingredients in the right proportions and adding a great amount of love and care for cooking gives a telling and tasteful result always rewarded with kindness, gratitude and enjoyment. The art of cooking is the bloodstream of Gerlad’s life, one of the most famous chefs in the country. He enjoys being innovative and creative in the kitchen, especially when he can share the experience with his friends. At the same time, his friends are eager to explore his world of tastes and smells represented by his cuisine marvels.

Tonight, his friends are paying him a visit. And he is delighted by the fact that it will be an opportunity for him. To give his friends a great pleasure of tasting his new cooking specialty.

Helping him in his search for the right ingredients. Will be a real treat for the player in the role of his shopping fellow. As this shopping adventure will provide the player with excitement. And an insight view of the extraordinary vibrant nature of the renowned chef, Gerald.

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