The Flood Game

The Flood The Flood. If one lives in the sensitive regions of strong rains, winds, typhoons and hurricane, the life is always on the line. You never know when you should need to pack the most important things, leave home and safe yours and family members’ heads. Summertime is usually the worst weather when a lot of rivers come out of their riverbeds and create huge damage in the hometowns of thousands of people. And very often, due to the fact that people very often neglect the fact the nature always strikes back on our mistakes.

Today we will take you to the hot region of U.S. state Texas, in the southern part of the country. Horrifying monsoonal rains have conquered this region for a whole weak. People were terrified from the situation and everyone thought of fast mobilization and evacuation. The torrential rains were very strong and lasted for whole weak. A lot of homes in Texas were flooded.

Ethan’s home was as well under water and he put the efforts to evacuate his family on safe place at his wives family in Arkansas and now is back into his home, in order to save as much as it is needed from his house. Our player is a member of safeguard team and has to help Ethan to save as much objects possible in their home. They put efforts not to lose time, because every minute meant that something could be lost forever. And every one would love to safe as much as possible. Our player should help Ethan and his family to save as much memories needed. Enjoy and have fun in playing this free online game. Good luck.

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