The Forgotten Museum Game

The Forgotten Museum The Forgotten Museum Game: Museums are very important institutions. They keep a lot of secrets about one country history, art, culture. You can travel through time, visit different places and people, explore what you are interested in and never be bored. It is not just an occasional situation that museums must have great security system that must work 24/7. One little inattention and a big problem will occur. Thieves love to visit museums, especially at night, when they are closed. They love to go through things, create great trouble to the museum owners and managers.

Museums hide big secrets. Sometimes managers and curators keep the secrets on purpose. It is the case in The Forgotten Museum Game as well. Carol is a professional photographer and very suddenly while she was taking pictures from the city museum, she spots a door that’s been hidden. She decides that she must see what’s hiding beyond that door. Her discovery fascinates her. We are dealing with forgiven and abandoned part of the City museum, where there still are very expensive exhibits. Together with her friends, Carol decides that she must explore this important museum. So enjoy playing The Forgotten Museum Game.

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