The Great Circus Game

The Great Circus The Great Circus. Have you ever done anything hidden from the eyes of everyone, in a quiet manner, just stepping on your toes so no one would hear you? Well, this is a story about hiding and doing things quietly. A return to the crime scene except this time is not a crime but a circus scene. It is actually a kind of sequel of the game Circus Romance. In that game the daughter of the owner of the circus Aurelia had to escape from the place and find her happiness with the man she loves somewhere far away. She fell in love with Vincenzo, the animal trainer in the circus. They were and still are madly in love but that is not her father’s opinion. He is too strict and after all this time he still can’t accept their love and relationship.

The Great Circus. A few times Aurelia thought of returning home to the circus to collect her personal things but never was the right time. Now she finally got the courage to return to the circus because she simply can’t live without it. Fortunately, it is a small traveling circus without a lot of people moving around. She can easily get unnoticed if she arrives in the night. So Aurelia chooses to go when everyone’s asleep.

Now she arrives there and remembers the days spent in the circus. It is a roll down memory lane but Aurelia has to find her belongings that she left there when she eloped. She has to do all that very quietly so her father won’t find out that she was there. So she needs your help to do that and again escape unnoticed. Hurry up! Enjoy and have fun in playing this free online game. Good luck.

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