The Pirates of Dockgold Game

The Pirates of DockgoldThe Pirates of Dockgold Game: Lisa is an adventurer. She is a type of person that is always in a search for something new and exciting. That is the reason why she travels a lot and visits exotic places all around the world. While most of the people usually go for visiting regular touristic places, famous locations that are suggested to be visited. Lisa likes to be at places no one has been before. She likes to be the first that sees something and the first one to discover something new.

In The Pirates of Dockgold Game, Lisa arrived to the island Dockgold:

Actually that is the place for her new mission and she starts her mission right away, once she arrived at the island. As the stories say, in the past, this island was inhabited by pirates. Pirates traveled all around the world, looking for adventure and of course, treasure. But this place was some kind of a settlement for them. So that’s why many of them had chosen this place to be their home. That means that the pirates actually kept their treasure there.

They collected it all around the world, getting it on many different ways. But they had to have a place where to store it. It seems that The Pirates of Dockgold hides an incredible treasure. So let’s hope that Lisa is between the first people that have visited the place so far. Lisa came to the island to explore and collect valuable items which used to belong to the pirates. So let’s look around together with her and see what is hiding there. You can play The Pirates of Dockgold game on all devices. So enjoy and have fun.

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