The Secret Circus Game

The Secret Circus The Secret Circus Game: A circus arrives near London. But, you are mistaking if you think that we are talking about about an ordinary circus. Only few people know about this event, because the event is actually secret one. You can only find VIP persons there. Everything is fine until Mrs. Rebecca, wife of the owner of the city casino, all in panic, states her husband’s missing. Since that moment, the circus is no longer secret. The local police comes in and starts the investigation for Rebecca’s husband. The policemen are investigating each member of the circus, so they would find who knows more about the missing.

There is suspicion in The Secret Circus Game that maybe a member of the circus could be involved in the missing of Rebecca’s husband:

She is so upset, because her husband is everything she has in her life. They had such an ideal life together and she can’t accept how could that happen to them. But, where there are money and interest, there usually must be a criminal. Since in The Secret Circus Game, Mrs. Rebecca’s husband is the owner of the biggest city casino, then it is normal to think that someone would be interested to harm him, and the motives are there. He has never been the cleanest player in the business. He had hidden taxes, collaborated with local criminals and gangsters, so such a finale is a normal scenario for a thriller movie, but very often in real life, too.

And now, what kind of circus that is? What lies beyond the big laughs of the artists in the circus? Are they really circus artists, who might want Mrs. Rebecca’s husband not to be here around? Help this lady find out the truth about her beloved. Two heads think more than one, don’t you agree? Don’t forget to have fun in The Secret Circus Game.

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