The Story of Two Friends Game

The Story of Two Friends The Story of Two Friends Game: Oh no, a very often theme but always very current – a missing pet! Many of us have pets and we all know what having a pet means – it means having one more friend in our life, sometimes maybe even more honest than humans. That’s why we love our pets and we are completely desperate if something bad happens to them. And there is no age limit when it comes to pets. They are best friends of the kids, a great companion to older people, a great new member of each family…

In The Story of Two Friends Game: Harold is an older gentlemen who loves animals. He and his dog Bob always together, spending each moment of their lives without ever being set apart until now. There are few days since Bob has disappeared without leaving any trace that could lead Harold to him.

The both of them were walking in the park together when Bob suddenly disappeared. Harold is quite sure that his dog has been stolen because Bob hasn’t ever done anything similar to this. Harold is searching for his dog and the people that might have stolen it. This is the right moment to be a friend and help Harold find his pet. He will be very thankful if you find the do, so let’s start searching right away. Enjoy and have fun in playing The Story of Two Friends Game.

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