The Templar’s Cave Game

The Templar's Cave The Templar’s Cave Game: For today’s challenge we invite you to walk through the dark history of the Templars. They are known as crusaders that have been thought that are motivated by their deep Christian faith. Also they are known as Poor Knights of Christ and the Temple of Solomon. They represent a religious military order of knighthood established at the time of Crusades. They were created to protect Christian pilgrims to the Holy Land and functioned in the 12th century. Exactly from their lives and ideas, our hero has been inspired.

Young Hellen is fascinated from life of Templars and how come they left their homes and families going on distant places wanting to fight what they believed. For a long time, Hellen is trying to find out the secret cave of one of the capital Templars. She believes that it is hidden deep into the area called Forestville. Few days ago, she found a cave and she believes that that is the cave of the capital Templar. She is so much excited but on the other hand, she is horrified from the fact that she doesn’t know when should she enter the cave. Our player has the role of her assistant and together they will have to explore this secret cave in The Templar’s Cave Game. So enjoy and have fun.

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