Vacation in Paradise Game

Vacation in Paradise Vacation in Paradise. When you visit someone, or someplace, you are guest of that someone. You enter a single person, maybe group of people or even a whole population home and should respect all the rules that the master has already established. Then, you show the real respect toward the host men. When the New World was born, people came from one part of the Earth to find better life for themselves and their families on other land. Where they came already lived the natives. And natives never forgave them the bad attitude and that is a lesson to be learnt.

In our new game, we are talking about similar issue. We created a group of tourists that have decided to visit some tropical Iceland. The tourist guide shows them how should they conquer the countrymen trust. He advised them to go and help the natives into the arranging of the Iceland. Off course, skepticism is normal in the both direction, so native people can’t accept you right away, but if you show them your good intention, they will become your good friends. If you help them to manage some things around, they will return their attention with respect and dignity.

For example, in years they had problems with smugglers who have polluted the beach and the sea cost. You can help them with this issue. If you show some respect for their cultural heritage as well, than they will open their hearts for you. It is worth trying for, isn’t it?

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