Where is my Wallet Game

Where is my Wallet Where is my Wallet. Losing a wallet is one of the most unpleasant things that could happen to a person! From one side, you may possibly lose a lot of money, then the credit cards, and of course, all the necessary documents. But also some dear things that are kept in the wallet like pictures of the dearest. Or some other things I am not a forgetful and easily distracted person but somehow I have lost my wallet too.

I was taking a walk through this beautiful city and in one moment I realized that it wasn’t in my pocket. I don’t think that someone has stole it. Because my walk was early in the morning so I didn’t see many people, just a few. And I didn’t have any contact with them but still, the wallet is not in my pocket any more. That’s why I am asking for some help from you, if you could help me find the wallet. It is not about the money, since I didn’t have much. But it is more about the wallet since it is a gift from my dear friend but lets stop losing time and search for it! Enjoy and have fun in playing this free online game. Good luck.

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