Jelly Madness Game

Jelly Madness Jelly Madness. It’s early in the morning in Gooeyland, and all of its inhabitants are still fast asleep. Many different Jellies live in Gooeyland. Some are angry, some lazy, some scared and some of them are happy. There’s one thing all Jellies have in common, though. They wake up when they are connected to friends with the same color! Everybody knows you can’t play while your asleep, so it’s up to you to wake up the Jellies and make their day! This game can be played on all devices. Enjoy and have fun in playing Jelly Madness game on Round Games. Also make sure to check out ThunderCats The Orb Of Madness Game. You may enjoy playing it.

Play Jelly Madness Game

How to Play

Remove Jellies by selecting 3 or more! The more, the merrier. Your moves are limited. Your game ends when you are out of moves or out of time. Match five or more jellies for a special bonus jelly!