Bianca’s Kitchen Game

Bianca's KitchenBianca’s Kitchen Game: Cooking has never been easy. Or at least it is not easy on the beginning when you still learn the process of cooking while after that, you still have to be careful. Maybe you know how to make everything. But just a small distraction could lead to a huge disaster, burned pan for example. On the other hand, there are so many food recipes all around the world. Every nation has its own cuisine that characterizes with something special. Not to mention the inspiration and the creativity that makes the number of recipes even bigger.

Bianca’s Kitchen Game is not a typical hidden object game but it is something different, still very interesting. It is about an actual crossword puzzle related to cooking. The game consists of ten levels and there is a character that will take you through those ten levels. Your initial aim will be to discover the words that are positioned in eight directions. That way you will discover the recipes that are included in the game. Bianca’s Kitchen Game includes five interesting recipes. And maybe you could give them a try and try to make them on your own. Be patient and soon you will get into scene and find how to relate those words, making wonderful recipes. You can play Bianca’s Kitchen on all devices. So enjoy and have fun.

Play Bianca’s Kitchen Game

Find the instructions inside the game.