Secret of Mystery House 3

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Game Details

Secret of Mystery House 3Secret of Mystery House 3, the Bastien Curse is a spooky puzzle adventure game, where you explore a haunted house. This third installment takes place in New Orleans, on a 160 year old haunted plantation house with a dark past and many tragic events involving voodoo, that led to the local legend of The Night of the Burning Sorrows. So now you are the second investigator hired to verify the house haunting.

What happened to The first investigator? He went missing 20 years ago, all was found was his tape recorder. So now is up to you to continue where he left off in Secret of Mystery House 3 Game. Enjoy and have fun in playing this game. Also make sure to check out Mystery of Mortlake Mansion Game. You may enjoy playing it.

How to Play

Find the instructions inside the game.