Germ War Game

Germ WarGerm War is the best space blast shooting game. A.D. 2046, at the galaxy’s edge, human find an orbicular organic life which multiply by devouring stars and reproductive capacity as strong as germ. Therefore, the organic life get an infamous name, Devourstars Germ. Where they are alive, where there no life. Avoiding the earth will be devoured by Devourstars Germs, human form the UED, United Earth Directorate. Which fundamental purpose is train the space ship pilot to drive the battle ship to fight back Devourstars Germs in Germ War.

After 10 years, A.D. 2056, the Devourstars Germs begin to invade the solar system. And YOU, after 10 years hard training, as the first batch of pilots, will knock down the invading and destroy Devourstars Germs in the Germ War Game. So collect the DNA sections after wiping out the Devourstars Germs. Then you will get the coins by auto-exchanging the DNA sections. In Germ War Game, you can upgrade the weapon of battle ship. With complete more missions, you will unlock and equip more secondary weapons that will help you with might doubled in the battle. Pilot, accept this mission, drive to the universe bravely, defend our homeland! Pilot your spaceship and unleash mighty weapons to destroy all the cells! You can play Germ War Game on all devices. So enjoy and have fun.

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