Sniper Shooter Game

Sniper Shooter Sniper Shooter is a sniping simulation flash game. Where you play the role of a master sniper whose job is to assassinate some bad guys from miles away. In this game, your job is to skillfully kill all your targets using your long range sniper rifle. Accomplish each mission flawlessly and be the greatest sniper assassin the world has ever known. Sniper Shooter Game features two difficulty settings: Normal mode and hard mode. Try to kill a moving target a mile away while calculating the trajectory of the bullet in this awesome sniper game!

Play as a master hitman and assassinate your target from a thousand meters away in this awesome sniping simulation game – Sniper Shooter! Calculate the projectile’s travel and read the strength and direction of the wind! Make sure to check out Sniper Shooter 2 Game. You may enjoy playing it.

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