Crash The Bash Fully 6 Game

Crash The Bash Fully 6 Crash The Bash Fully 6 is a cricket sports game featuring your favorite characters from various Nickelodeon Shows. Team up with Spongebob, Lincoln Lloyd, Casey, and even the Ninja Turtles! The game features some wacky animations and some nice addicting gameplay where your objective is to simply bash the ball as hard as possible and get some score! Try to aim for the boundary and avoid hitting the kid dummies. Keep an eye out for shield-shaped targets as they will give you some cool bonus points!

Join the wonderful cast of Nickelodeon characters as they compete in an entirely different sport! Play a game of cricket with your favorite character in Crash The Bash Fully 6! Select your angle and power and try to hit the ball!

Crash The Bash Fully 6 is a free online sports game on Round Games.

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