Puppet Soccer Zoo Game

Puppet Soccer Zoo Puppet Soccer Zoo is a wacky 2D sports video game where you take control of some cute puppet animals. Head over to the stadium and compete in a match! Train your puppet’s skills to improve their power, speed, ability to perform. Take various special power-ups to assist you in the match, like the chewing gum, gypsum, super kick power, slime power-up, and so much more. The game also features advanced collision model for the ball and the characters, as well as some wacky physics reaction. Play on a grander stadium to get more money and fame for each of your victories.

Take control of your favorite animal and play an amazing game of soccer in this funny sports video game – Puppet Soccer Zoo! Show your soccer skills and try to keep an eye out for those wacky power-ups!

Puppet Soccer Zoo is a free online sports game on Round Games.

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