Slalom Ski Simulator Game

Slalom Ski SimulatorSlalom Ski Simulator is a HTML5 Sport Game. Go around gates to complete the track and try to improve your best time on each track! Ski down the snowy mountain slope in Slalom Ski Simulator. You must pass red flags on the left and right flag on the right. Slalom Ski Simulator is a winter sports game for those who enjoy the speed and have fast reflexes. Slide down the hill at high speed and move from side to side to clear every pole. Pass through the right side of the red flags and left side of the blue flags without hitting them or you may fall down and lose the game. Reach the finish line as fast as possible to set a nice high score and don’t stop until you have unlocked all levels. So have fun in playing Slalom Ski Simulator Game!

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How to Play

Find the instructions inside the game.