Stick Figure Badminton 3

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Game Details

Stick Figure Badminton 3Stick Figure Badminton 3 is a fun multiplayer sports video game where you play a competitive yet pretty simple game of Badminton. In this game, you must first pick a character that represents a parody of different known characters (like Silent Hill’s Triangle Man). The goal of the game is to simply outscore your opponent until one of you reaches a certain point. Game control is pretty simple and two players can play at the same time, using the same computer.

Enjoy a competitive game of Badminton with your closest friends in this fun two-player sports game – Stick Figure Badminton 3! Get your blood pumping and play on different game modes! Play with the computer AI or your friend in hot seat.

Stick Figure Badminton 3 is a free online sports game on Round Games.

How to Play

Find the instructions inside the game.