Empire Island Game

Empire Island Build and defend your Empire Island through the ages in this cool game. Build up your population to raise taxes. Choose 30 different types of construction unit including several types of weapon. Ranging from mud-ball towers and cannons through to advanced futuristic weapons such as lasers and missiles. Place defenses including mines, explosive balloons and Tesla coils. Build banks and markets to increase revenue. Fend off ever more advanced enemies, starting from simple wooden boats, right up to alien invaders. Upgrade almost everything! Empire Island Game is one of the most advanced physics-based strategy games available. If you find you are not earning enough money – you probably need to try a different strategy. So enjoy and have fun.

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Play Empire Island Game

Most instructions are in game. Use the mouse to navigate menus, buy and build units, select weapons and aim and shoot at the enemy. Remember this is a physics based game - your shots will arc so you need to aim carefully. Upgrade your workshop and church to unlock new weapons and Acts of God. Use Cursor Keys/WASD to scroll the screen. Several keyboard shortcuts. You will need to learn these to get the most out of the game.