Cat Simulator

Game Details

Cat SimulatorTake the role of a cute little cat in Cat Simulator Game, as you roam around different environments to complete many challenge task. Choose from several different breeds of kittens and cause chaos in various houses, such as, scratch armchairs and carpets, destroy vases, being messy, try to catch mice, scare your owner, or just explore the the backyard.

Try to become a mice causing as much trouble for your human slave as possible, lol. Explore various house while the human inside are talking, eating, or sleeping. Gain coins by messing up their schedules, or by moving or jumping on objects. Move swiftly around the house and complete several quests for extra points. How much trouble can you cause? The more the better because you’re a cat. So enjoy and have fun in playing Cat Simulator Game. Good luck.

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How to Play

Find the instructions inside the game.