Poppy Playtime Survival Game

Poppy Playtime SurvivalPoppy Playtime Survival is a new horror game which is quickly gained popularity because of well-detailed graphics and thrilling atmosphere. And the interesting background of this spooky story makes you play more to discover all the secrets that are hidden behind this accident. Start Poppy Playtime Survival Game right now and test it yourself! So let’s discover the backstory. You are an ex worker from the toy factory that delivered the most amount of dolls and cars that all love so much. This is a dream job – you work at a funny and beautiful place, create cool toys and make all children happy with them. So what could go wrong? According to the news, one day all your coworkers went missing, and the factory was closed.

The investigation was held, but it didn’t give much information. In Poppy Playtime Survival Game you will return to this scary horror building to discover all secrets and find the answers yourself. One thing that will totally help you are the cassettes that are lying around starting from the first room. Of course, in every room you can find the special TVs and DVDs that allow you to watch videos about this building. You can discover interesting information and learn controls. Search for green cassettes and yellow tape to watch the videos and learn necessary stuff to continue the process. And when you are ready, start the Poppy Playtime Survival Game and prepare for the exciting adventures.

The controls of the game is pretty easy:

You can walk, bend down, run and grab things with the special item you receive during first levels. The game is separated into chapters, and the quests become more difficult by the end. So show all your skills to reach the final. And don’t forget that frightening toys are chasing you. The factory full of fascinating quests and hazards The location in Poppy Playtime Survival Game is huge. You will explore different rooms, halls and even vents. But don’t think that you start to play, and every room will open automatically. You need to pass various quests to unlock the doors and get necessary clues and keys.

In the beginning of Poppy Playtime Survival Game, your walkthrough are simple and interesting. For example, you need to guess what code you should use to open the door. And to complete this mission, you should look around searching for some colorful toys. Also, you will receive a cool tool that can help you in many quests. It is a special toy that you can wear on your back. It has two hands that you are able to lengthen to get items that are located higher than you are. Also, many rooms are locked with a special mechanism. You should press the palm shaped button with your hands, and the door will open.

What makes the Poppy Playtime Survival a real horror game?

The answer is the antagonist. It is a huge blue soft toy with long legs and arms and a creepy red smile. You are able to meet him in the second location, but the moment you go forward, he disappears. And from this moment he is going to chase you on the whole factory. Prepare for unexpected screamers and a thrilling atmosphere, because you can expect him to jump on you every minute. And be sure, one time he will totally do it! So go and press the start button. Quickly join Poppy Playtime Survival Game to not miss the hype that is going around. Good luck!

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Play Poppy Playtime Survival Game

Use your Mouse.