PUBG Scar Game

PUBG ScarPUBG Scar is an epic multiplayer battle royale game that has similarities to the hugely popular PUBG. In this game, you explore an open landscape and must pick up weapons and items to survive against the other players. Customize your character with different features. Click a class type and Taunts. You can also jump into vehicles to make your way around the map faster. Always pay attention to your surroundings as the enemies can be anywhere. So can you be the last man standing and dominate in PUBG Scar? Enjoy and have fun.

PUBG Scar Game Features:
Third-person multiplayer shooter game.
Different classes with a unique set of weapons.
Cool taunt options.
Two game modes.
Many vehicles to drive.

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Play PUBG Scar Game

*WASD* or *arrow keys* = Move or drive. *mouse* = Move character/vehicle camera. *CapsLock* = Walk/run. *shift* = Sprint. *space* = Roll. ** or *scroll* = Switch weapon. *g* = Get an item. *f* = Fight. *r* = Reload. *e* = Action button. *tab* = Show scoreboard. *t* = taunt. *v* = visual.