Red Panda Surfer Game

Red Panda Surfer Surf the ancient Chinese city in this lightning fast Red Panda Surfer game. Collect coins and object crashing into obstacles. It is a cute and lovable red panda who is an inventor of hover-surfing, a genius engineer and also a bamboo connoisseur. On one fine day, Classic Red finished his invention, the hover-surf, and wanted to test it out. What better way to do that than to go to the street of the ancient city and surf there!

Help Classic Red Panda on his journey and collect all the coins and avoid every obstacle that will come to your way. Finish every stage and improve your board by purchasing upgrades using the coins that you earned. You can also purchase some booster to give you that winning edge in the game. Evolve your character, from Classic Red Panda to Red Panda or Red’s Red Robe. There are also new characters that you can unlock and these characters can also evolve too! Play this fun game, Red Panda Surfer, and see how far you can go hovering around the ancient street of the city!

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