Catermeow Goes To College Game

Catermeow Goes To CollegeCatermeow Goes To College Game: One day our cat caterpillar woke up and decided that it would not hurt to learn a little. Knowledge is never superfluous and can be useful even in the cat’s life. But where in the forest to find an educational institution and then the hero went on a quest to Catermeow Goes To College. He decided that on the way he would definitely meet a wise hedgehog. And he knows exactly where to get knowledge. And indeed, the hedgehog told the cat that a certain Dr. Tod occupy the education of everyone in his college. Help the hero overcome obstacles. Be wary of big slugs and poisonous round mushrooms. They emit a strong smell, from which the cat will be very bad. So enjoy and have fun in playing Catermeow Goes To College Game. Good luck.

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Play Catermeow Goes To College Game

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