Burnout Drift 3 Game

Burnout Drift 3 Burnout Drift 3 Seaport Max is the third installment of this awesome car racing game. In this episode, you must test your driving skill in an immense and busy seaport. The port is packed full of containers, ships, cranes and other obstacles that you must try and avoid. Before you start racing through the port however you can customize your vehicle – change its color and also fine-tune its handling to suit your driving style. Once you are kitted out and customize you can start racing and drifting! The controls are simple. Use the WASD keys to accelerate, break and turn left and right, and use the space bar to make a handbrake turn. Try to perform as many cool drifts as possible and show off your driving skills in the seaport. Be sure to keep an eye on the time limit and earn as much cash as possible!

Play Burnout Drift 3 Game

Find the instructions inside the game.