Lamborghini Drifter 2 Game

Lamborghini Drifter 2 Lamborghini Drifter 2 is the awesome follow up to Lamborghini Drifter Game that proved so popular. This game allows you to drive around some amazing tracks in beautiful Lamborghini super cars. The second installment provides a new set of tracks in some stunning landscapes. Such as mountains and deserts – you must skillfully drift your Lambo around the corners to earn points and build a score multiplier.

You can translate the score you earn on each level into an in-game currency. You can use this currency to purchase new vehicles and unlock new tracks. The drifting mechanics are fun and once you get accustomed to the controls you will soon be performing awesome drifts around tight and long corners. Live your dreams today and buckle up in a Lamborghini Drifter 2 Game!

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