After Hours Game

After HoursAfter Hours Game: There are ups and downs in every business, of course, even the stock market. Some will say that using the stock market is an easy way to make money. But for that, you need skills and knowledge, which is not so easy. In After Hours Game: Patricia works in a very successful company that went public a month ago and gained a lot of value. That’s why it’s so strange that in the last few days, Patricia’s company has seen a big fall in the stock market. Patricia suspects that someone is deliberately sabotaging the company and wants to reduce its value.

Yes, dirty games are also happening at this level, and sometimes to a great extent. And that threat doesn’t always come from outside, sometimes it can come from inside as well. Because of that, Patricia and her boss Kenneth decided, after working hours, to investigate the whole company to find out who was working against the company. It will have to be done very carefully, to go in search of the one who is causing the problems. Let’s get involved in the investigation and help Patricia and Kenneth get to the truth. You can play After Hours Game on all devices. So enjoy and have fun.

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