Castle of the Black Cult Game

Castle of the Black Cult Castle of the Black Cult Game: What about some mystery for today? Enter deep into a fiction story placed somewhere in a far era. Somewhere where different people lived, they dressed up differently, ate differently, put in other conditions and time. Imagine you can travel through time, dress up as some prince/princess, be a hero or be a simple peasant. When we are small children we love to watch cartoons. And movies full of interesting stories about positive people, creatures, heroes. But there always are the bad guys that have to be defeated, so the story would have a happy ending. And not only children are interested in fantasy, we are sure you are one of them, enjoying the new stores that today filmmakers make perfectly.

The cult leader lord Magor is a person that brings a lot of difficulties to the heroes of Castle of the Black Cult Game. The three knights, children of old knight Baltas are searching for the holy objects, stolen by the evil cult of the beast. They must investigate the castle that belong to the cult leader, lord Magor. Put yourself the costume of a knight, be brave and help these good knight achieve their mission. So enjoy and have fun in playing Castle of the Black Cult Game.

Play Castle of the Black Cult Game

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