Icy Cabin Game

Icy CabinIcy Cabin Game: Spring brings the opportunity to travel higher and deeper into the back-country. But, spring snow conditions can be deceptive. As spring is also a time of high activity from loose wet and wet slab avalanches. Mountain cabins are part of a family dream where they can go for hiking, skiing, mushrooming, or just relaxing in front of a magnificent landscape. At this time of year, the Sanders are already at their mountain cabin. They are a family of four – Richard and Karen, their daughter Amanda and their dog Don.

Today in Icy Cabin Game, they arrive in their small cabin in the mountains. But they surprised by the condition in which they find their cabin in. Despite attempts to keep the peace, things do go awry. An avalanche hurtled down the slope yesterday and hit the cabin. The objects from inside the cabin scattered all around the mountain. Everything is completely frozen and it is necessary to dig through the huge pile of snow which crashed down onto the cabin. They must find all the objects, but also to find a way to enter the cabin as tonight the temperatures will drop below freezing. Enjoy and have fun in playing Icy Cabin Game. Good luck.

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Play Icy Cabin Game

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