Secret Palace Game

Secret PalaceSecret Palace Game: The Duke Albert is staying over his relative, the Prince Kristoff. Walking through the woods that is close to Kristoff’s castle, he discovers a hidden palace. He is very curious person and enters inside wanting to look it better and to find out why this palace is so deeply hidden in the woods. Duke Albert was very famous among his friends and relatives as someone who would find something hidden, a treasure or something important and would give that to the poor people. They would find him as a kind of Robin Hood of that time. He was never a greed man to grab things for himself, on the contrary, he has always been helpful to people that are poor and not so lucky in their lives.

Today’s challenge for him is a new situation. This is first time that he visits his relative, the Prince Kristoff in such a delicate time, spending more dozen days together. Duke Albert listened to all the stories his close relative had to say. Knowing that he is younger than his host, Albert would listen to Kristoff as a pupil, wanting to learn more and more about their family. The hidden palace has been a big surprise for Albert and he couldn’t believe how come none of the family members has noticed the palace before. Here is where you, our player enter the fun, you get to explore the new space and find interesting treasure.So help the Duke Albert enjoy the time of being first in the discovering of this mysterious location. Enjoy and have fun in playing Secret Palace Game.

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