Street Market Festival Game

Street Market FestivalIn this game: Laura and Jerry are owners of few stalls on this year’s Street Market Festival. However, arranging the stalls is not an easy job, especially if you like to make the things look nice and attractive for the eye of the costumers. Laura and Jerry are just two persons and that’s why they would need some help in arranging the things but also for selling the objects that are presented on the stalls.

Today is the Street Market Festival day when it is expected many costumers to come. The festival happens once a year and that’s why it is visited so much. People hardly wait for this festival and when it starts, they start coming right away. Let’s help those two enthusiasts prepare their stalls and answer to their customers on the best way. It would be very nice if we help Laura and Jerry with the sale of the objects. They will be very happy and thankful, and they could concentrate on the day, making everything as good as possible. You can play Street Market Festival Game on all devices. So enjoy and have fun.

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Play Street Market Festival Game

Find the instructions inside the game.