Visit to Owl Street Game

Visit to Owl Street Visit to Owl Street Game: When you love someone, you share the world together. You create common memories and a whole world together. But, if something simply turns wrong and the both aren’t as strong to fight it, then the end is simply knocking at the door. And then the biggest hurt comes along. Fighting with the fact how to continue living alone means that you need to put away everything that connected you with the beloved person. And that is not an easy thing to be done. Not easy at all.

In Visit to Owl Street Game: Lisa is a middle aged woman who unfortunately had to face this fight, as well. She spent big part of her life living on Owl Street. The time she lived there she was in a relationship with Patrick. They loved each other very much and lived together for six years. But, love stories very often seem to be perfect when you see them with other people’s eyes. After some time of bed relations and lots of verbal fights, they had to split, because they simply couldn’t live together anymore.

Lisa got a job offer in another city and simply had to move away. They had no contact in meantime. Now, 15 years later, she is back again at Patrick’s place. He invites her in his home. And then the memories came back. She starts remembering the past and unforgettable moments together, finding Patrick’s personal objects behind which there are nice memories hidden. She was feeling pretty sad. Enjoy and have fun in playing Visit to Owl Street Game.

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