Worthwood Castle Prophecy Game

Worthwood Castle Prophecy Worthwood Castle Prophecy. The humankind believes in legends, in myths. They usually are the legends of the person who invented something, about people who have created some town or place. They don’t have to be true. No one can prove if legends are true, and they don’t have to be and the same thing goes for myths, as well. In today fun we are offering for you, we invite you in a specific castle. There is a legend that says that the castle Worthwood each 100 years is occupied by the spirit of King Loreon. He gathers in his palace the spirits the way they gathered while they were still alive.

The researcher of the paranormal stuff (that is the character that leads you in the game). Come to check this legend. What a challenge is that for someone who dedicates his life to legends, myths, paranormal issues that very few people understand. Try to find out what exactly was this legend consisted of. And don’t forget to have big fun!

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