Bullet Fury 2

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Game Details

Bullet Fury 2Bullet Fury 2 is the continuation of the challenging 3D first person shooter flash game “Bullet Fury”. In this game, another laboratory facility has been discovered. It’s your task, as an elite assault unit to storm the laboratory alone. And defeat neutralize any threat in the area. Keep your gun loaded by reloading when enemies aren’t around. Watch out for chest-high creates and tables as enemies might be hiding under them. React fast and try to kill every single guard without dying! Good luck and try to survive until the end in Bullet Fury 2 Game.

The action-packed first person shooter flash game is back! So get into position and defeat all guards in the facility in Bullet Fury 2! A new laboratory needs to be neutralized! Attack the facility and take down all the terrorist guards. Enjoy and have fun in playing Bullet Fury 2 Game.

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How to Play

Find the instructions inside the game.