Stunt Skateboard 3D

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Stunt Skateboard 3DBe like Tony Hawk in Stunt Skateboard 3D. Do awesome tricks with your skateboard! Roll through this skateboarding paradise of a city, pulling stunts and snapping up purple bonuses as you go. Remember- skaters aren’t invincible. Smash into objects or fall off your board and you could break a bone! Ride down the slopes of San Francisco on your skateboard and make a max of stunts and combos to increase your score. Perform impressive noses, tails, grabs and flips while avoiding cars, trams and the various obstacles on the road. You’ll see that a breaking can happen very quickly and as good as you are, a skater is not invulnerable… This game is one of the sports games at RoundGames.

How to Play

Find the instructions inside the game.