Vintage Shop Game

Vintage Shop Adrian is owner of a vintage shop in the old neighborhood. It is actually the old part of the city that has kept its authentic look, including those old streets, some old shops. This part of the city has been protected for years so it managed to avoid the process of modern urbanization so now it seems as the time has stopped for it. Same goes for Adrian’s vintage shop. He likes old items very much because he believes that they keep the spirit of some old time, so he concerns them more valuable than new stuff that have only the spirit of recent things, the spirit of recent times.

However, in those modern times, it seems that there is no time and space for vintage things. Time is moving very fast and brings numerous new things. Many of them are very good and they make our lives easier but many of them break the tradition and make us forget about traditional values and our past. There have been rumors that the old part of the city will be also urbanized. Same goes for Adrian’s shop because a big company wants to open big corporation store. Now Adrian needs to gather more money and do everything possible, in order to keep his small vintage shop.

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