Assault Zone Game

Assault ZoneAssault Zone is a first person shooter game where you play the role of an elite soldier with a not so simple mission: to eliminate all hostiles in the facility. This simple first person shooter game challenges you to anticipate the enemy and move cautiously. Enemies are mostly hiding behind cover and will surprise you in every corner. However, the enemy lacks AI and will not move. Try to shoot down the enemy first before they shoot you or you’ll ran out of HP before killing them all.

There are 100 hostiles in the area and you are sent to neutralize them all! Shoot down the bad guys first before they take a shot at you in Assault Zone Game! Infiltrate the enemy base in this first person shooter game and eliminate all enemies. Make sure to check out Operation Assault 2 Game. You may enjoy playing it.

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How to Play

Find the instructions inside the game.